For a start, it is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with at least the basics of radio electronics. The fact is that mobile phone repair is closely related to theoretical knowledge in this area. For example, if it is necessary to replace a resistor (this is a passive current-limiting electronic component), then it is necessary to know its marking, resistance, power dissipation, temperature coefficient, etc. Other owls, it is not very advisable to   repair mobile phones without knowing Ohm’s law. Books and manuals on the topic of radio electronics, as well as thematic sites on the Internet are a huge number. But this is not enough. Mobile phones are digital devices, not analog. Consequently, all the parts and components used for the production of the latter, have differences among themselves. For example, for analog devices, the technology of hinged mounting is mainly used, and for digital devices – surface mounting. The latest technology is called SMT (surface mount technology). It is also translated as “surface mount technology.” And the components used in this technology are called SMD (surface mount device).


Also, in digital electronics there is no analog signal, since he actually digital. Consequently, all digital devices have their own types and levels of programming. These are just a few differences between analog and digital technology. But this is enough to scare off the novice. But there is no need to despair. Everything is much easier than it seems. A lot of that frightening information when repairing mobile devices is not needed. But if you plan to seriously engage in this business, it is strongly recommended to engage in the study of analog and digital radio electronics.

Here we come to the main goal of this article. So, now you will be described in detail the procedures for technical repair of mobile phones and types of repair devices.

In order to repair a cell phone, including repairing Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Motorola, the first thing that is needed is to determine the cause of the failure of the mobile device and identify the component, node, module or part of the failed. To do this, you just need the knowledge described above. Usually, the failure of a mobile phone is caused by improper operation or loss of performance of external devices. For example, in the first case, the phone fell into the water through negligence. For its restoration requires complete disassembly and thorough drying. After that, you need to clean the printed circuit board of the phone with a special cleaner or 96% alcohol solution with a soft-bristled brush. In the second case, the LCD, speaker, microphone, keyboard, etc. failed. As a rule, in most cases, such parts are not repairable and require replacement. But if damage has occurred to the surface (soldered) parts on the printed circuit board, then a professional approach and experience are required. In addition, for this type of repair you need a diagram of the nodes, modules and components of the printed circuit board of a mobile phone.


You can repair your phone here:

In order to start the repair procedure, the phone must be disassembled.

To open a mobile phone, without bringing it cosmetic damage, you need to get special tools for opening them. They allow you to gently and efficiently open the case of the phone without bringing defects. As a rule, these tools are sold in sets, each item of which is responsible for its specific opening. Such kits are not difficult to find in specialized stores. In addition, they are of various kinds. The difference is the functionality and price.