What iPhone users cannon complain about – 3 major issues

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Problems with charging in sleep mode
Someone with a smartphone that hangs up at all. And this applies to both wired and wireless recharging.

A well-known blogger, a leading YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, He conducted a visual test using the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The display turned off.

The iPhone Xs Max completely hung up. There were no problems with the battery charge.

It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. It is worth it.

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Internet problems
Also, many users complain of extremely low speed LTE-connection. According to one operator, since most cases are among Verizon subscribers. There is also an assumption for the smartphones themselves.

Another problem is connected with Wi-Fi. Note that it is less susceptible to interference. 5 GHz band, smart phones, 2.4 GHz network.

If you are up to date on iOS 12 updates.

Auto self enhancement
This is a problem that caused it. This is an automatic self-enhancement that can’t be disabled. It is true that the camera is on the skin of the iPhone X.

Automatic Selfie Decoration
YouTube / Unbox Therapy
Users on this “beauty effect” reacted differently. The iPhone Xs makes it even more beautiful than it actually is. However, for the most part, users are not satisfied with the skin.

Interesting facts.What is better?Android or Iphone?

Smoothing Color

Often, it’s hardly possible. They just became different.

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