Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult. And the iron rules that helped bring the site to the top a few years ago, no longer work. In this article, we will list four obsolete methods (which are still being used for some reason), and we will also tell you which programs help us to solve the problems of website promotion today.

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Reception 1. Keys, keys, keys wholesale
It seems that everyone already knows that it is useless and even dangerous to sow the texts on the site with keywords. But no, they are still trying to insert 10 identical keys into the text of 1,000 characters.

Keyword optimization has certainly not gone away. But she has changed. In fact, you just need good texts on a specific topic. After all, the good text is different in that the necessary queries will automatically appear in it.

But there is one detail, because of which you have to work a lot on keywords. Some user requests can not even dream about the authors of the texts. And in this category often fall low-frequency requests, the most competitive in terms of promotion.

What to do?
Obviously, before filling in the pages, it is necessary to analyze and form the semantic core of the queries according to the principle “less is more.” To automate this process, programs like Rank Tracker will be needed.

This is a program that does not just show you a list of possible keywords. It also calculates the efficiency index, so that it is easier for you to choose what to focus on when promoting. And then you will be able to see which keyword has brought you the most traffic, compare your actions with those of competitors and understand what should be changed in the promotion strategy.

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Reception 2. Registration in catalogs
The tradition of site registration in catalogs came from the depths of the ages, that is, from the 2000s. Once, when the search engines were not smart enough, the site was run through directories, the resulting links were quickly indexed. As a result, the resource took off in search results.

There was a huge number of directories, even more services appeared that offered to help with registration.

Now, when search engines pay attention to the quality of external links, registering in a directory is not something that does not help, but can also harm. How? The promotion is affected by the quality of the site from which the link to your resource leads. If the donor site is filled with good content, it is referenced, it is in good standing, then the link will help you. But catalogs and useful content are concepts far from each other. Directories are no longer called garbage dumps, and if the catalog got under the sanctions of search engines, then this could have a bad effect on your site.

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But the services that earned on placing links in directories remained. And they continue to promise an unprecedented rise of the site.

What to do?
External links still affect positions. Good, quality links help advancement. It is fair to say that some specialized catalogs also have some weight.

That is, external links should be evaluated: to monitor, get rid of links that pull the site to the bottom of the search results, try to add the correct and necessary links. This is not a one-time action; external links should be monitored regularly. SEO SpyGlass to help you.


This is a program that analyzes the reference profile of the project and its competitors, generates visual reports and allows you to always be aware of the situation with the reference environment. The main plus is the automation of a large number of routine tasks.

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