How to choose a domain for the blog:
There is an opinion that “as you call a ship, so it will sail.” Well, let’s make it so quickly and confidently! In this article we will deal with the domain name for the blog.
Domain is the name of your site, its name. This is what people will drive in the browser to get to your site. For example, the address of my site . If you draw an analogy and imagine that a blog is a home, then a domain is an address. No difference , they say: “Give  your site!”. Here it is, please, pass. Well, keep this analogy in mind and go further. Which domain zone to choose? If you decide to choose a site address for yourself, you will need to decide on the domain zone. What is a domain zone? Again we draw an analogy. If the domain (site address) is the address of the house, then this address of the house is in some country, is it logical? so with domains. If all the countries of the world had only the same addresses, would they quickly end? And so, in every country and every city can be Sovetskaya Street, Lenin Street, Prospect Mira. The domain zone of my blog. This is what comes after the dot, that is, com. Yes, you need to buy a domain. Buy it forever will not work, usually the domain is paid for a year. It depends on the domain zone.
Actually, what to choose? There are several options for domains: National domains, that is, related to a particular country. For example, .ru – for Russia (now there are analogues: .rf – Cyrillic domains, .su – of the Soviet Union), .by – for Belarus, .ua – of Ukraine, .kz – of Kazakhstan, and so on; the so-called common domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .pro); specific and rare domain zones: .guru, .center, .world, .cool, .dance, .diet, .design, .help, .yoga, .work are also very interesting, but still unusual and expensive. I can give advice of the following kind: When choosing a domain zone, be guided by the region where your target audience lives. Is your Russian speaking audience? Then take a blog in the domain zone .ru. Your audience in Ukraine? Take a domain in the zone .ua Are you busy with interesting national domains? Take a public domain. For example, when analyzing competitors in the blogging niche, I found that sites in the .ru, .net, and .com zones are well looked for there. This is normal and I am not surprised. You can take the domain zone .dance, if you have a blog about dancing. Or .diet, if about diets. Why not? But this pleasure costs usually from $ 2.

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