How to replace the glass screen of the iPhone with your own hands?

Despite Apple’s reluctance to produce parts for its own products, many users are actively using the services of iPhone repair centers. Of course, the idea of ​​buying a more technological and sophisticated gadget is close to everyone, but not everyone can spend a huge amount of money every year on a new iPhone. As a result, smartphone repair services have become very popular and in demand.

Most often, users are interested in replacing the iPhone glass. This service, by the way, is not cheap. Starting with the 4th generation of apple smartphones, you have to change the entire display module. Replacing the touchscreen or glass separately is not possible.

In view of the high cost of the service, some enthusiasts decide to do the work themselves. After all, the network posted a huge number of manuals, photo and video lessons with which you can perform repairs on their own. It seems like replacing the iPhone glass is easy. On the  website, you can buy a display module and the necessary small tools. After that, you can open a suitable video tutorial and get to work.

Self-repair of the smartphone, of course, has its advantages:

Save time. There is no need to search for a suitable service, read reviews, select a bona fide master. Also, do not need to spend time and money on a trip to the service center.

Saving money. The acquisition of the display module and glue for it is cheaper than the services of a repair center.
The opportunity to learn new things. With independent work, you get invaluable experience and new skills.
It would seem, you can safely order the glass and get to work. But this opinion is erroneous, since the disadvantages of independent work are much greater. You risk damaging your smartphone even more, breaking the integrity of fragile parts and work nodes. As a result, the device may completely fail. Or you, one way or another, will have to turn to masters who will eliminate the consequences of non-professional actions. And it is much more expensive than regular repairs.

IPhone glass replacement is a complicated and time-consuming process. It looks something like this:

Disassembly of the body.
The stratification of the display module on the matrix and frame, which can only be removed with a separator or a special dryer, which is unlikely to be found in everyday life.

Separation of glass and display. The wizard disconnects all components so as not to damage the matrix. The broken part of the screen is cut off, while the remaining components are left without any damage.

Removal of residues of glue, fragments using special equipment.
Processing the display in a laminator for applying a polarizing film and OCA adhesive. After that, in a vacuum laminator, it all sticks together.

Removing air bubbles using an autoclave, securing the gluing and assembly of the device.
These processes are hard to do with your own hands, no matter what the authors of the video lessons say. Therefore, trust the replacement of the screen of your iPhone only to competent professionals!You can use our  Iphone service :

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