Linkedin: 5 reasons to register and promotion secrets in a professional network
A large professional network of contacts is undeservedly devoid of the attention of many companies in the post-Soviet space. We are ready to reveal to you the advantages of this social network and prove that competent promotion in LinkedIn is effective.
5 reasons to register with LinkedIn:

1. 4 times higher involvement. The reason for such striking differences in the degree of user involvement is the purpose of the visit. Linkedin audience comes to the social network to search for extended information about the company, clarify its coordinates and contact information. Therefore, the transitions to the company’s website from LinkedIn can get more.

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2. Wide coverage of statuses. Linkedin’s organic coverage algorithms are different from other networks, so the company’s updated status covers about 20% of the target audience.

3. More than half of international companies already have LinkedIn profiles. According to the Forbes global business publication, about 57% of the leading companies have already registered on this network and are actively promoting it.

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4. Conversions are higher than Facebook. According to the Internet marketing service HubSpot, the conversion of users into an application from Linkedin is 2% higher than that of Facebook. The reason is in the interested target audience.

5. Interception audience. There is a tendency to increase the depth of views and user involvement in the professional network Linkedin. Therefore, not having a company profile there, you lose an audience.

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Now that you have verified that Linkedin is a working platform for effective promotion, I will tell you about the successful content strategy in this social network:

Add links to publications, as statistics show that publications with links are 45% more popular than text publications.
Communicate with subscribers by asking them questions and warming their interest with visual and video content in your statuses. Photo and video content increases commenting status by almost 100%.
The optimal volume of the post – 21-25 printed characters in the case of focus on the B2C audience. For B2B audiences, the status of 16-25 printable characters will be more effective.

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Time to publish choose working time, since the main audience of Linkedin adheres to the office schedule and visits the professional network during working hours. Weekends and holidays most unsuccessful for publications.
Publish every business day, on average you will get about 20 publications per month. This tactic provides up to 60% of the target audience. If you have a need to share useful content more than once a day, feel free to do it, it will not affect the statistics negatively.
You can lead your promotion in LinkedIn in two ways – passively and actively.

Passive strategy involves simply creating your profile on LinkedIn and maintaining it. Users can independently search for a company, find out its news, and establish contact with its employees to establish partnerships.

An active strategy requires more action and time, but may bring more results:

Regularly update the status of the company – share news, successes, announce organized events and share links to the company blog.
Join professional communities. You can create a name for yourself an expert in your industry among market players that are organized in LinkedIn into groups. Participate in discussions, share information about yourself, declare yourself as the market leader and in any case do not engage in “black PR”, not spam.
Always answer the questions. Do not ignore awkward topics, always try to give a complete answer. Again, this will help you to declare yourself as an expert in your industry.
Register your employees. Mentioning the name of the company and uniting its employees into one group will strengthen the image of the company and show its professionalism in establishing business contacts.

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Look for new employees on LinkedIn. Post company vacancies or look for candidates on your own – Linkedin is an excellent platform for finding professionals in your field and making contact with them.