In the thick of my student loan journey, I paid $ 900 a month for my student loans, making an attempt to search out employment. Suddenly, everything that I worked thus exhausting in class was beginning to feel that it had been out of reach. I questioned if my debt might pay off. At that point, my student loans carried associate degree emotional load on ME. I felt depressed concerning my duty and embarrassed my future.

However, a brand new study by researchers from the University of South geographical region and therefore the University of Golden State at la confirmed this with their findings.

In the initial study of this type, researchers examined the question of however student loan debts have an effect on the mental state of borrowers. Not thus shocking results showed that student loans cause a rise in depression in addition as stress. The authors of the study believe that student loan debt may be thus disagreeable for borrowers, particularly for materialistic borrowers, as a result of they’re not eligible for help from the govt, and their oldsters cannot considerably facilitate them with their loans.

When I initial learned concerning the study, I nodded my head, absolutely understanding. I felt assured. it had been not simply ME.

Paying a student loan could be a journey that goes through several stages, and depression is simply one in every of these steps. In my expertise, operating with student loans may be just like the method of grief, just like the psyche of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross in five stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance).

This is however I relate my student journey to the five stages of grief (and you can also relate).

1. Failure
At the stage of failure, you wish to bury your head within the sand and fake that your student loans don’t exist. Oh, student loans? affirmative whatever!

Denial is such a strong feeling, as a result of it doesn’t permit North American country to confront the reality of the case. I bear in mind that shortly before graduation with my teacher, I created associate degree account to assist ME management my finances. As shortly as I saw what proportion debt I had, I quickly deleted my account. At that point, I had 68,000 greenbacks left in student loan debt, however i used to be not prepared for the reality. I couldn’t handle this quantity. Is denial a lot?

At this stage it’s terribly straightforward to be, however it will cause nice hurt.

At this stage, it’s unlikely that you simply understand precisely what proportion you owe, what your interest rates ar, United Nations agency your loaner is, or perhaps once your date is. Denial encompasses the old chestnut “ignorance is elation.”

Many borrowers can try and table their loans at this stage, making an attempt their best to ignore it as long as they will. sadly, loans can still be there, and their interest rates can merely create them far more tumescent once it comes time to agitate them.

Reduce your student loan payments

2. Anger
Anger will begin to crawl as shortly because the ugly truth begins to boost its head.

Anger at your loaner, anger at your college, anger in society and anger at yourself for taking silly loans. At this stage, many of us tend in charge or expertise irrational anger and jealousy.

I bear in mind that I wont to be thus jealous of my peers with debts. The worst a part of this part is that anger is thus unproductive, and additionally consumes tons of energy. someone will burn with anger, while not creating any progress in determination their issues. Worst of all? Borrowers will eventually alienate others.

3. Bargaining
When anger subsides, the showing emotion affected recipient might begin to appear for tactics out of the case and discount with a better ability to assist. they will cross-check their choices and think:

Maybe my loans may be forgiven and find obviate it?
Perhaps a chic friend or {family MEmber|loved one|friend} might feel sorry me and pay my debt, no queries (we will dream, right?).
I wonder if there’s a payment arrange with some reasonably loophole?
I have to begin enjoying the lottery.
This stage is also a touch additional encouraging, however it’s still not terribly productive in determination the matter. Loans aren’t straightforward to deal with, and though many of us might have worked exhausting in class and feel they merit higher than the burden of debt, this can be the key to reality by themselves, instead of finding others to save lots of North American country or wizardly, unbelievable solutions.

The sooner borrowers will try this, the earlier they will begin to create decisive selections in respect to student debt.

4. Depression
When it becomes obvious that your student loans won’t go anyplace which they’ll got to be repaid, depression might occur. Borrowers United Nations agency return to know the seriousness of their position might return to terms with feelings of hopelessness:

I will ne’er get out of debt, thus what is the point?
I failing myself, going into debt, while not having the ability to pay.
All the money I create simply get into debt, thus why work like that?
These thoughts may be harmful to borrowers with a debt touching mental state, and additionally hinder progress in repaying them.

Depression will usually bring with them a ally, apathy. This duet will create even the only tasks appear overwhelming. it’s troublesome to maneuver forward after you simply stop caring, and even additional thus notice an answer to figure to pay off your debt.

Referring to the higher than study, depression and stress will go hand in hand. Student loan borrowers is also involved concerning however they’ll pay it back, however their loans have an effect on their future goals and their current reality. He will feel fully overwhelming to manage his daily living expenses in far more than high debt payments.

5. Adoption
At the ultimate stage, when rummaging tons of emotions, borrowers return to associate degree agreement with their student loan debt. They agree that he won’t as if by magic depart (sad, I know). At this stage, borrowers will seek for an idea of action and learn to agitate their student loans, and not deny them.

Top Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

While student loan debts will cause issues with borrowers, there ar choices to create it higher. Do some calculations and see that compensation arrange is true for you – is it worthwhile to concentrate on high pro?

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How to replace the glass screen of the iPhone with your own hands?

Despite Apple’s reluctance to produce parts for its own products, many users are actively using the services of iPhone repair centers. Of course, the idea of ​​buying a more technological and sophisticated gadget is close to everyone, but not everyone can spend a huge amount of money every year on a new iPhone. As a result, smartphone repair services have become very popular and in demand.

Most often, users are interested in replacing the iPhone glass. This service, by the way, is not cheap. Starting with the 4th generation of apple smartphones, you have to change the entire display module. Replacing the touchscreen or glass separately is not possible.

In view of the high cost of the service, some enthusiasts decide to do the work themselves. After all, the network posted a huge number of manuals, photo and video lessons with which you can perform repairs on their own. It seems like replacing the iPhone glass is easy. On the  website, you can buy a display module and the necessary small tools. After that, you can open a suitable video tutorial and get to work.

Self-repair of the smartphone, of course, has its advantages:

Save time. There is no need to search for a suitable service, read reviews, select a bona fide master. Also, do not need to spend time and money on a trip to the service center.

Saving money. The acquisition of the display module and glue for it is cheaper than the services of a repair center.
The opportunity to learn new things. With independent work, you get invaluable experience and new skills.
It would seem, you can safely order the glass and get to work. But this opinion is erroneous, since the disadvantages of independent work are much greater. You risk damaging your smartphone even more, breaking the integrity of fragile parts and work nodes. As a result, the device may completely fail. Or you, one way or another, will have to turn to masters who will eliminate the consequences of non-professional actions. And it is much more expensive than regular repairs.

IPhone glass replacement is a complicated and time-consuming process. It looks something like this:

Disassembly of the body.
The stratification of the display module on the matrix and frame, which can only be removed with a separator or a special dryer, which is unlikely to be found in everyday life.

Separation of glass and display. The wizard disconnects all components so as not to damage the matrix. The broken part of the screen is cut off, while the remaining components are left without any damage.

Removal of residues of glue, fragments using special equipment.
Processing the display in a laminator for applying a polarizing film and OCA adhesive. After that, in a vacuum laminator, it all sticks together.

Removing air bubbles using an autoclave, securing the gluing and assembly of the device.
These processes are hard to do with your own hands, no matter what the authors of the video lessons say. Therefore, trust the replacement of the screen of your iPhone only to competent professionals!You can use our  Iphone service :

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How much does it cost to create a casino?
There is no fixed price for an online project of this type, since the process of creating a casino is very multi-level. The price of online casinos depends on a variety of components, such as platform functionality and setting up, which software will be integrated into the platform, which game content and number of games will be installed, which jurisdiction will receive a license, which payment systems will be used in the casino, how many partner programs will be created, etc.

Online casinos need to obtain a license, which is a permit for gambling activities and a condition for its conduct. Legalization guarantees the reliability of the casino, increases its reputation and relevance among the players. Licenses are issued by special jurisdictions, each of which has its own characteristics and benefits.

Buy online Casino soft

There are several reasons why licensed software should be used in online casinos. First, such software is reliable and will ensure the smooth operation of the institution, since the software math cannot be subject to external intrusions. Secondly, players with years of experience, whose favor is sought to get all the casinos, always pay attention to what software the operator uses, and if they do not find information about the license, leave the resource, and losing precious customers is very unprofitable for the operator. And finally, the reputation of a gambling establishment directly depends on what kind of software is used. Licensed software is a plus to the positive image of a gambling establishment.

Online casino games here : Online casino games

Each provider establishes a standard return rate. In the licensed software, the return rate ranges from 92 to 98. No one else can intervene and reconfigure this already established percentage. Thus, the future operator receives an online casino with an already adjusted percentage of return. In rare cases, the provider itself may offer a setting, but not lower than 92.

The choice of provider directly depends on the features of the project. In order to decide on whom to give preference to, you first need to determine the target audience, the geography of the casino action, the type of institution, what goals the operator sets itself. On our site you can find useful information about the leading manufacturers of software and game content.

What is Sweepstake software?


On average, the creation of an online casino platform is 1 – 1.5 months after the design has been agreed with the client. Also TK is a very important issue in creating a casino. Competently composed TZ (where everything is described and does not cause issues) – will significantly speed up the process of creation, if the client has such a need. Slotegrator consultants will tell you about all the features of creating a casino, ways to speed up this process without loss of quality.

You can integrate software using two protocols:

Wallet api
Seamless Wallet API
Both protocols are distinguished by high-quality functionality and wide capabilities.

On average, integration takes from 1 to 2 weeks.

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How to choose a domain for the blog:
There is an opinion that “as you call a ship, so it will sail.” Well, let’s make it so quickly and confidently! In this article we will deal with the domain name for the blog.
Domain is the name of your site, its name. This is what people will drive in the browser to get to your site. For example, the address of my site . If you draw an analogy and imagine that a blog is a home, then a domain is an address. No difference , they say: “Give  your site!”. Here it is, please, pass. Well, keep this analogy in mind and go further. Which domain zone to choose? If you decide to choose a site address for yourself, you will need to decide on the domain zone. What is a domain zone? Again we draw an analogy. If the domain (site address) is the address of the house, then this address of the house is in some country, is it logical? so with domains. If all the countries of the world had only the same addresses, would they quickly end? And so, in every country and every city can be Sovetskaya Street, Lenin Street, Prospect Mira. The domain zone of my blog. This is what comes after the dot, that is, com. Yes, you need to buy a domain. Buy it forever will not work, usually the domain is paid for a year. It depends on the domain zone.
Actually, what to choose? There are several options for domains: National domains, that is, related to a particular country. For example, .ru – for Russia (now there are analogues: .rf – Cyrillic domains, .su – of the Soviet Union), .by – for Belarus, .ua – of Ukraine, .kz – of Kazakhstan, and so on; the so-called common domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .name, .pro); specific and rare domain zones: .guru, .center, .world, .cool, .dance, .diet, .design, .help, .yoga, .work are also very interesting, but still unusual and expensive. I can give advice of the following kind: When choosing a domain zone, be guided by the region where your target audience lives. Is your Russian speaking audience? Then take a blog in the domain zone .ru. Your audience in Ukraine? Take a domain in the zone .ua Are you busy with interesting national domains? Take a public domain. For example, when analyzing competitors in the blogging niche, I found that sites in the .ru, .net, and .com zones are well looked for there. This is normal and I am not surprised. You can take the domain zone .dance, if you have a blog about dancing. Or .diet, if about diets. Why not? But this pleasure costs usually from $ 2.

İf you want to buy brandable domain names than contact as :  Brand domain names for sale

LinkedIn is not only for professionals and job seekers. Sure, innumerable professionals use LinkedIn on a daily basis to grow their networks and their careers, however did you recognize you’ll use LinkedIn to grow your business, too? From creating connections to generating leads, establishing partnerships and makinghigher complete awareness, LinkedIn makes a useful addition to your digital promoting strategy.

Learn how to increase Linkedin outreach ways.

At its core, LinkedIn could be a skilled social network. It’s all concerning career development, skilledconnections, trade discussions and different sorts of business-related activities. it isn’t like different social media promoting platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; there, businesses have direct access to shoppers that they’ll simply market to with standing updates, pictures and different casual posts.

Learn about  Linkedin automation tools.

Moreover, not like LinkedIn, complete followers on these different social networks already expect or square measure a minimum of aware that firms use the platforms to sell their merchandise and services. this can be positively not the case on LinkedIn, wherever blatantly pushing your business, spamming and obvious exhausting commerce is extremely frowned upon. as a result of the network consists of a very completely different audience, LinkedIn promoting needs a unique sort of approach to urge the results you wish. [New LinkedIn options facilitate Grow Your Brand]

To help you navigate LinkedIn as a promoting platform, here square measure fifteen LinkedIn promotinghacks you’ll use to search out new customers, produce new contacts and ultimately grow your business.
New blog : Useful Linkedin tools
1. notice extremely targeted customers and connections

The targeting on LinkedIn is incomparable within the realm of digital advertising. tiny businesses will zero in on the precise trade, company size and job role [of the people] that they apprehend generally would obtaintheir product or service. as an example, if you’re commerce client support software system to tinybusinesses within the us, you’ll set your advertising campaigns to solely be showing to businesses [that are] underneath one hundred workers, based mostly in America — and inside that grouping, solely to executives at those firms with a customer-support title. — Tim Peters, director of promoting, IntelliResponse

2. be customers’ radars

My company helps tiny businesses generate leads on LinkedIn. purchasers tell U.S. what reasonably folksbuild high-quality customers for them. we have a tendency to search on LinkedIn for those who work their criteria, so introduce them. (We have sex thus it’s just like the shopper is introducing themselves, howeverwe have a tendency to do all the work for them.) Then we have a tendency to keep connected with the those who have expressed interest, once more victimization LinkedIn. we have a tendency to do daily standing updates and weekly LinkedIn journal posts to stay the client’s name ahead of their network. we have a tendency to additionally send monthly emails that share info concerning the types of issues our purchasers will solve for his or her customers, and share the results they need achieved for differentcustomers. we have a tendency to additionally build offers, like inviting folks to a webinar or providing a written report. The result’s a straightforward, cheap, systematic method for doing lead generation, with all the work done through LinkedIn. —Judy Schramm, CEO, ProResource, Inc.

3. Grow your email promoting list

I extremely advocate everybody on connected write a crafted letter, oral communication many thanks for being connected on LinkedIn, which you invite them to be a part of your email promoting list. Do apologize for the shortage of personalization within the email. LinkedIn helps you to message fifty folks at a time this fashion. I additional concerning three hundred folks to my email list with this technique. embody in your email an instantaneous link for the e-mail signup. it’s imperative that you just have reciprocity within themessage: one. Tell them what they’re going to receive by language up for the e-mail list, and 2. supply to appear at one thing of theirs, that could be a fairly uncommunicative technique to garner goodwill.

How to Get More LinkedIn Profile Views

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Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult. And the iron rules that helped bring the site to the top a few years ago, no longer work. In this article, we will list four obsolete methods (which are still being used for some reason), and we will also tell you which programs help us to solve the problems of website promotion today.

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Content marketing tips that increases sells

Reception 1. Keys, keys, keys wholesale
It seems that everyone already knows that it is useless and even dangerous to sow the texts on the site with keywords. But no, they are still trying to insert 10 identical keys into the text of 1,000 characters.

Keyword optimization has certainly not gone away. But she has changed. In fact, you just need good texts on a specific topic. After all, the good text is different in that the necessary queries will automatically appear in it.

But there is one detail, because of which you have to work a lot on keywords. Some user requests can not even dream about the authors of the texts. And in this category often fall low-frequency requests, the most competitive in terms of promotion.

What to do?
Obviously, before filling in the pages, it is necessary to analyze and form the semantic core of the queries according to the principle “less is more.” To automate this process, programs like Rank Tracker will be needed.

This is a program that does not just show you a list of possible keywords. It also calculates the efficiency index, so that it is easier for you to choose what to focus on when promoting. And then you will be able to see which keyword has brought you the most traffic, compare your actions with those of competitors and understand what should be changed in the promotion strategy.

Learn about Killer Instagram Marketing Strategies here.

Reception 2. Registration in catalogs
The tradition of site registration in catalogs came from the depths of the ages, that is, from the 2000s. Once, when the search engines were not smart enough, the site was run through directories, the resulting links were quickly indexed. As a result, the resource took off in search results.

There was a huge number of directories, even more services appeared that offered to help with registration.

Now, when search engines pay attention to the quality of external links, registering in a directory is not something that does not help, but can also harm. How? The promotion is affected by the quality of the site from which the link to your resource leads. If the donor site is filled with good content, it is referenced, it is in good standing, then the link will help you. But catalogs and useful content are concepts far from each other. Directories are no longer called garbage dumps, and if the catalog got under the sanctions of search engines, then this could have a bad effect on your site.

Marketing tips to get  from Reddit

But the services that earned on placing links in directories remained. And they continue to promise an unprecedented rise of the site.

What to do?
External links still affect positions. Good, quality links help advancement. It is fair to say that some specialized catalogs also have some weight.

That is, external links should be evaluated: to monitor, get rid of links that pull the site to the bottom of the search results, try to add the correct and necessary links. This is not a one-time action; external links should be monitored regularly. SEO SpyGlass to help you.


This is a program that analyzes the reference profile of the project and its competitors, generates visual reports and allows you to always be aware of the situation with the reference environment. The main plus is the automation of a large number of routine tasks.

You can also use our services and colsultation

1. Opt Extension
This is a lot of of a private recommendation instead of a politician one. Go for a .com extension because itis that the best high Level Domain within the market presently.

People area unit too accustomed the .com, .in and .net extensions than the other new extensions. thereforedon’t attempt to experiment by selecting a spic-and-span however useless domain extension.

2. Keep it easy
Do not add all the glitter and bling from the globe to your domain name!

Keep it easy and chic. Be knowledgeable.

Help your readers with abundant less complicated and straightforward to grasp content. the sole reason why i’m focusing that you simply ought to have nice CONTENT is as a result of if {you area unit|you’re} reading this text then there are two possibilities:

Either you’re a replacement blogger WHO has simply started and still researching regarding domain names,
Or you need begin|to start out|to begin} web logging and area unit researching regarding the way to start a blog, the way to came upon a hosting set up and even a lot of.
Try and keep the name as easy as doable. it’ll facilitate your readers bring it to mind well, they’re going toeven begin simply fixing your domain directly and sorting out it instead of unsteady upon it via keywords. Brand domain names

3. create it Brandable
You should have a blogging set up well kind before deed for the journey. A web log bit by bit leads up to a whole principally. One exception is once you have a web log that is a lot of of a private digital diary wherever you vent out your feelings and don’t extremely care regarding the traffic or its SEO.

Apart from that, decide a profitable niche and ensure that you simply select a site name that’s brandable. one thing that you simply will work on in future on social media platforms.

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Twitter area unit the league social networks that cater millions and billions of users once a year on an everyday basis.

You want your name to square out and become a whole within the futrue? beware of it since the beginning!

If you want to buy brand domain  names you can use this site

4. It ought to Be Instantly Intuitive
Whenever you come across someone’s web log, the instant you scan their name you must get a obscurehint of what their web log could be regarding.

Supposably, i write the way to become a blogger, the way to earn extra cash and passive financial gainconcepts, however my name is “ilovepizza”. Now, will that justify my niche? It clearly will not!

However, once you scan themillionsuccess, you recognize this web log goes to be somewhere associated with monetary tips, cash earning courses and additional skills!

Make sure your name is intuitive and provides a pre-brief regarding your web log, speaking for itself.

5. web site Name
This is quite the apparent, a number of you may even go

“Ah! I’m not that dumb! WHO is that dumb WHO would place a distinct web site name than their domain name?”

Believe Maine individuals, after I tell you that there area unit.

Your web site name = name. Follow this golden rule throughout your blogging journey. it’s one in all the foremost basic ones and however, individuals ignore it and assume it’d be distinctive if their name differs from their web site name.

6. Avoid Hyphens
No one, i repeat nobody likes broken sentences.

When you need to scan a post or a web log, it’s okay to possess hyphens within the titles. however once it involves domain, it’s in all probability not such a decent plan.

People may forget the hyphens and bit by bit all of your name altogether. solely as a result of they couldn’t twig correct the primary time and that they thought perhaps your name are some things else.

There! you only lost a reader!

Online casino software

Many lovers of gambling can not dare to become customers of online casinos due to its complete computer illiteracy. It seems to them that all this is very difficult, that they need to study for a long time, that they are too old for modern tendencies, and so on. In fact, any person who does not suffer from mental retardation can play online casinos, and the whole learning process will take no more than half an hour.

Sweepstakes software you can buy it here.

In this article we want to discuss computer software, which can be useful for playing in a  online casino. We will consider different types of software. Some of its types are used by almost everyone, others are only interested in individual users, and still others are hardly worth installing. But let’s not get ahead.

You can buy riverslot internet cafe games here 

Online casino client software

Modern virtual casinos are as user friendly as possible. They have an intuitive interface, which you can easily understand without special knowledge and skills. By and large, you can be a regular customer of a casino for several years without using any computer programs at all.

At present, when the speed of communication on the Internet has become real high, and its cost has dropped to a penny, flash versions of casinos are beginning to enjoy particular popularity. Now they are devoid of the shortcomings that previously pushed customers away from them. You can simply go to the casino site, in a couple of minutes, register and deposit money, following the step-by-step instructions, after which you will have the opportunity to start the game there.

You can buy also online casino client software here

Some casinos do not offer to download software at all and work only in flash mode. At the same time, it cannot be said that the graphics of games available in such establishments are of lower quality. In general, now there is practically no difference in the functionality of installed and non-installed casinos.

However, many establishments recommend using their client programs. This is understandable, because with their help it is easier to keep the player. Although it must be admitted that the majority of users playing in this mode prefer it for other reasons. In detail, we looked at the pros and cons of each method in a separate article at

So decide for yourself whether you need a casino program, or whether you prefer to play directly on the site of the institution.

More information about online casino:

What iPhone users cannon complain about – 3 major issues

Useful information : What to do if you drop you iphone in water

Problems with charging in sleep mode
Someone with a smartphone that hangs up at all. And this applies to both wired and wireless recharging.

A well-known blogger, a leading YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, He conducted a visual test using the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The display turned off.

The iPhone Xs Max completely hung up. There were no problems with the battery charge.

It’s not a problem, but it’s not a problem. It is worth it.

Userful blog about :  Tricks to free up storage

Internet problems
Also, many users complain of extremely low speed LTE-connection. According to one operator, since most cases are among Verizon subscribers. There is also an assumption for the smartphones themselves.

Another problem is connected with Wi-Fi. Note that it is less susceptible to interference. 5 GHz band, smart phones, 2.4 GHz network.

If you are up to date on iOS 12 updates.

Auto self enhancement
This is a problem that caused it. This is an automatic self-enhancement that can’t be disabled. It is true that the camera is on the skin of the iPhone X.

Automatic Selfie Decoration
YouTube / Unbox Therapy
Users on this “beauty effect” reacted differently. The iPhone Xs makes it even more beautiful than it actually is. However, for the most part, users are not satisfied with the skin.

Interesting facts.What is better?Android or Iphone?

Smoothing Color

Often, it’s hardly possible. They just became different.

Good service for repairing mobile phones in the same day :

For a start, it is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with at least the basics of radio electronics. The fact is that mobile phone repair is closely related to theoretical knowledge in this area. For example, if it is necessary to replace a resistor (this is a passive current-limiting electronic component), then it is necessary to know its marking, resistance, power dissipation, temperature coefficient, etc. Other owls, it is not very advisable to   repair mobile phones without knowing Ohm’s law. Books and manuals on the topic of radio electronics, as well as thematic sites on the Internet are a huge number. But this is not enough. Mobile phones are digital devices, not analog. Consequently, all the parts and components used for the production of the latter, have differences among themselves. For example, for analog devices, the technology of hinged mounting is mainly used, and for digital devices – surface mounting. The latest technology is called SMT (surface mount technology). It is also translated as “surface mount technology.” And the components used in this technology are called SMD (surface mount device).


Also, in digital electronics there is no analog signal, since he actually digital. Consequently, all digital devices have their own types and levels of programming. These are just a few differences between analog and digital technology. But this is enough to scare off the novice. But there is no need to despair. Everything is much easier than it seems. A lot of that frightening information when repairing mobile devices is not needed. But if you plan to seriously engage in this business, it is strongly recommended to engage in the study of analog and digital radio electronics.

Here we come to the main goal of this article. So, now you will be described in detail the procedures for technical repair of mobile phones and types of repair devices.

In order to repair a cell phone, including repairing Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Motorola, the first thing that is needed is to determine the cause of the failure of the mobile device and identify the component, node, module or part of the failed. To do this, you just need the knowledge described above. Usually, the failure of a mobile phone is caused by improper operation or loss of performance of external devices. For example, in the first case, the phone fell into the water through negligence. For its restoration requires complete disassembly and thorough drying. After that, you need to clean the printed circuit board of the phone with a special cleaner or 96% alcohol solution with a soft-bristled brush. In the second case, the LCD, speaker, microphone, keyboard, etc. failed. As a rule, in most cases, such parts are not repairable and require replacement. But if damage has occurred to the surface (soldered) parts on the printed circuit board, then a professional approach and experience are required. In addition, for this type of repair you need a diagram of the nodes, modules and components of the printed circuit board of a mobile phone.


You can repair your phone here:

In order to start the repair procedure, the phone must be disassembled.

To open a mobile phone, without bringing it cosmetic damage, you need to get special tools for opening them. They allow you to gently and efficiently open the case of the phone without bringing defects. As a rule, these tools are sold in sets, each item of which is responsible for its specific opening. Such kits are not difficult to find in specialized stores. In addition, they are of various kinds. The difference is the functionality and price.