1. Opt for.com Extension
This is a lot of of a private recommendation instead of a politician one. Go for a .com extension because itis that the best high Level Domain within the market presently.

People area unit too accustomed the .com, .in and .net extensions than the other new extensions. thereforedon’t attempt to experiment by selecting a spic-and-span however useless domain extension.

2. Keep it easy
Do not add all the glitter and bling from the globe to your domain name!

Keep it easy and chic. Be knowledgeable.

Help your readers with abundant less complicated and straightforward to grasp content. the sole reason why i’m focusing that you simply ought to have nice CONTENT is as a result of if {you area unit|you’re} reading this text then there are two possibilities:

Either you’re a replacement blogger WHO has simply started and still researching regarding domain names,
Or you need begin|to start out|to begin} web logging and area unit researching regarding the way to start a blog, the way to came upon a hosting set up and even a lot of.
Try and keep the name as easy as doable. it’ll facilitate your readers bring it to mind well, they’re going toeven begin simply fixing your domain directly and sorting out it instead of unsteady upon it via keywords. Brand domain names

3. create it Brandable
You should have a blogging set up well kind before deed for the journey. A web log bit by bit leads up to a whole principally. One exception is once you have a web log that is a lot of of a private digital diary wherever you vent out your feelings and don’t extremely care regarding the traffic or its SEO.

Apart from that, decide a profitable niche and ensure that you simply select a site name that’s brandable. one thing that you simply will work on in future on social media platforms.

Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Twitter area unit the league social networks that cater millions and billions of users once a year on an everyday basis.

You want your name to square out and become a whole within the futrue? beware of it since the beginning!

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4. It ought to Be Instantly Intuitive
Whenever you come across someone’s web log, the instant you scan their name you must get a obscurehint of what their web log could be regarding.

Supposably, i write the way to become a blogger, the way to earn extra cash and passive financial gainconcepts, however my name is “ilovepizza”. Now, will that justify my niche? It clearly will not!

However, once you scan themillionsuccess, you recognize this web log goes to be somewhere associated with monetary tips, cash earning courses and additional skills!

Make sure your name is intuitive and provides a pre-brief regarding your web log, speaking for itself.

5. web site Name
This is quite the apparent, a number of you may even go

“Ah! I’m not that dumb! WHO is that dumb WHO would place a distinct web site name than their domain name?”

Believe Maine individuals, after I tell you that there area unit.

Your web site name = name. Follow this golden rule throughout your blogging journey. it’s one in all the foremost basic ones and however, individuals ignore it and assume it’d be distinctive if their name differs from their web site name.

6. Avoid Hyphens
No one, i repeat nobody likes broken sentences.

When you need to scan a post or a web log, it’s okay to possess hyphens within the titles. however once it involves domain, it’s in all probability not such a decent plan.

People may forget the hyphens and bit by bit all of your name altogether. solely as a result of they couldn’t twig correct the primary time and that they thought perhaps your name are some things else.

There! you only lost a reader!